Client Reports

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Farsoon Technologies propel student FSAE race teams to victory

As the low set cherry red blur sped past the finishing line cheers of excitement and exultation rang out at the Hunan University race pit. They had just won the Formula Student Car Contest (FSC)! This was the team’s fifth time to participate in this competition and the first time to have won the championship. On October 18, 2014 more than 80 university teams participated in the competition in Xiangyang City one of the largest student run race competitions in the world.
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Farsoon 3D printing technology produces complex surgical models to improve operations

The treatment of acetabulum (hip socket) fractures has always been a difficult and risky problem in the medical industry. The reason for this is that the acetabulum’s anatomical shape is irregular, and the location is deep inside the patient’s body. In cases of acetabulum fractures the fragment displacement is often complex and traditionally in order to operate successfully the surgery requires a large incision.
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Functional prototyping with Farsoon 3D printing technology in the automotive industry

As 3D printing technology evolves it has begun to make inroad into various industries where traditional manufacturing once dominated. Once a manufacturer or designer has been introduced to the advantages of 3D printing it opens up a completely new method of design and production for them, multiplying their production efficiency and design solutions. This is especially true in the case of prototyping and small scale manufacturing.
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3D printing has revolutionized our ability to manufacture forms previously thought to be impossible or unfeasible. The laser sintering technology slices a complex 3D form into many 2D layers. These 2d layers are then traced or “sintered” onto powdered material, building up layer upon layer into the final 3D form. However, simply having the ability to produce complex forms does not always result in a change in design thinking.
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