Chinese Vice Premier Ma Kai visits Farsoon Technologies

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On Thursday afternoon, Dec. 22, Ma Kai the Vice Premier of the Peoples Republic of China visited the Farsoon Technologies headquarters located in Changsha

Vice Premier Ma Kai’s visit emphasized the importa
nce that the People’s Republic of China has placed on additive manufacturing. Additive manufacturing
(3d Printing) represents one of the core technologies for the digital transformation of industry and is a major cornerstone for the “Made
In China 2025” plan. During his time at Farsoon’s headquarters, the Vice Premier visited the exhibition hall, as well as 3d printing application center, where Dr. Xu Xiaoshu (the founder) and other leaders of Farsoon presented him with the Farsoon’s R&D developments for plastic and metal laser sintering as well as the latest additive solutions in various industries including aerospace, medical, and tooling.

Dr. Xu Xiaoshu, Founder and Chairman of Farsoon Technologies, made the following statement, “we are very proud that the Vice Premier of the Peoples Republic of China has chosen Farsoon, to promote Chinese expertise in additive manufacturing technologies and to reveal this fast-growing market’s potential for our industry. We are honored by this visit, which commends the effort and hard work put in every day by all our employees.”

Vice Premier Ma Kai is one of China’s four vice premiers and is directly responsible for industry, transportation, and banking. He is one of the main proponents for the “Made in China 2025” plan and heads a high-level interagency task force titled the Leading Group for Creating a Strong Manufacturing Country, this task force will be responsible for implementing the “Made in China 2025” plan.

Farsoon Technologies is a total solution supplier of industrial grade plastic and metal laser sintering systems that was founded in 2009 by Dr. Xu Xiaoshu. Dr. Xu served as the technical director at DTM, one of the pioneers of laser sintering technology, and is one of the leading experts in the laser sintering field with more than 20 years experience in the industry. Since its founding Farsoon has grown quickly with over 250 employees and has put together strong teams of experts with competencies for plastic and metal laser sintering systems and materials.


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