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Hunan Farsoon High-tech Co.,Ltd is a total solution supplier of Selective Laser Sintering and Melting that was founded in 2009 by Dr. Xu Xiaoshu. Dr. Xu is a regarded as one of the leading experts in laser sintering technology and has had more than 15 years’ experience developing the technology in the US and abroad. He was the manager of advanced processing at DTM, one of the pioneers of laser sintering technology, where he was responsible for critical control systems that are used in many selective laser sintering machines today.

Farsoon specializes in innovation and invests heavily in the R&D and manufacture of SLS equipment and materials, rapid prototyping processing services, and SLS technical service support. In 2010 Farsoon successfully developed China’s first high-end Selective Laser Sintering machine. At the same time, Farsoon has developed its own line of Selective Laser Sintering nylon materials becoming the world’s SOLE manufacturer of both SLS equipment and materials.

Farsoon was founded with the clear vision of creating an open platform system which will give the user complete freedom of operation. This means that the user has access to all parameter settings in the machine as well as being able to use any material source. It is our belief that only by having an open system and finding new, better, and more cost effective materials can the industry grow as a whole. To this end Farsoon is actively collaborating with leading material makers to develop the next generation of laser sintering materials.

Farsoon is continuously growing its manufacturing and technical capabilities as well as finding new markets for the technology. Farsoon has worked with, and developed unique applications for, industries such as automotive, aerospace, industrial design, manufacturing, medical, architecture, etc. We believes that close partnerships are vital in finding new and innovative solutions.


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